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Benefits of having OTPS that can double as brOTP:
Always together (platonic or romantic)
Nobody can deny they aren’t important to each other
Their fucking friendships are a precious thing
A good relationship
Communication comes relatively easy
Simple things can’t shake their unbreakable bro-ship



Upcoming Fall Anime of 2014 you should be looking forward to including an OVA recommendation.

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Mermaid AU! [Closed with ask-femeren] »



She nodded a few times at the explanation she gave. Now that she was calming down, Eren was able to think more clearly. First and foremost, they needed to warn her father. If he fell…that’d be it. The kingdom would fall and be vulnerable to…

"Eren!" Sasha yelled down the corridor. Damn where is she?! She heard her name suddenly. She quickly corrected her course and swam toward the voice. She eventually ran into Eren who’s eyes were big with fear. Sasha grabbed Eren’s hand and pulled her toward a hallway.

"This way!" They swam a few meters before finding a door and escaping through it. They had arrived at a secondary room that the maids used as a break room that kept them out of sight and out of the way of the other servants. Sasha grabbed a table and propped it up against the door.

She heaved a breathe and turned towards Eren. “Eren, don’t run off like that again. These hallways are like a maze and you could lose yourself for days in here.” She placed her hands on her shoulders. “Just stay by me and you’ll be fine.”

Long Time, No See * AU w/ ask-the-potato-girl-braus »


"I’m done mowin’ the lawn gran’ma!" Sasha called to the elderly woman that sat in the living room. She wasn’t really her grandmother but she might as well be considering how long she had known her and the amount of time spent at her house. In fact she was her best…

"I moved her car down the street a bit so I could mow the lawn." She placed her hands I her hips. "And you sir haven’t sent me any messages either."


8.Your favourite middle blocker. (MB)

Hinata………… (don’t look at me) ok fine, tsukki


and then she screencapped it


Sasha and Connie for Most Romantic Couple Award 2014. Happy Birthday Sasha babe! <3

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Jury duty

Mun has been summoned to jury duty. It fucking sucks but it’s something everyone does at some point I their lives and this is my second. Sigh.

I’ve been slacking but I will get to things tonight when I get home.

And no I can’t talk about my case. You nosey people

Stop Eren and Sasha 2k14






Long Time, No See * AU w/ ask-the-potato-girl-braus


    On the car ride, he couldn’t help but make a list of the people he wanted to see this next week and in what order and for how long. Of course, there was his grandmother. Poor woman has been fending for herself, though his next door neighbor was undoubtedly with her. And that was another person he knew he had to see.

    As he was entering his last year of college, Sasha was entering her last year of high school. He could hardly believe that he’d met her right when she moved in over fifteen years ago. Back then, he was seven going on eight, and just as much of an asswipe as he was now.

    They’d been exchanging IMs over Facebook, but otherwise hadn’t been keeping too close in touch over the last semester. Hopefully, she wouldn’t be too mad.

    He had a couple of other friends he wanted to see, and one of them apparently had a baby and the other was married, so he would have to see what their schedules were like. So it seemed he would be spending a lot of time at home with Grandma and Sasha.

    Just like the old days. He didn’t mind that.

    Pulling into his old driveway, he was pleased to see his grandmother’s lawn already mowed. One less thing to do this week, at least. He decided to fetch his things later; he really wanted to see an old face right about now— pun definitely intended.

    “Grandma?” he called as he entered the two story home. “Hey, I’m home!”

"I’m done mowin’ the lawn gran’ma!" Sasha called to the elderly woman that sat in the living room. She wasn’t really her grandmother but she might as well be considering how long she had known her and the amount of time spent at her house. In fact she was her best friend’s grandmother. Levi had gone away to college leaving everyone for the big university hours away. She missed him; they both did. She talked to him occasionally on Facebook but not that often. Sasha was fine with it. He was probably busy anyway. 

Grandma put her book in her lap and smiled at Sasha. 
"Thanks sweetheart. You save this old bag of bones a lot of trouble." Sasha laughed and poured herself a glass of water. 
"It’s my pleasure. The same as every week." After Levi left Sasha opted to help out at ol’ grans place every Saturday. She was getting up their in age and doing simple chores around the house was getting harder for her. Sasha was honestly grateful Levi was so anal about cleanliness that she herself got good at cleaning. 

She heard the slam of a car door and the click of the lock at the front of the house. 
"Grandma? Hey, I’m home!" Sasha perked up at the voice and ran to the front door.
"LEVI!" She yelled and wrapped him up in a hug.

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